Sustainable renewable energy value chains for answering farmers’ needs

Explore the future of sustainable agriculture with Value4Farm! We're a collaborative initiative funded by the EU Horizon Europe program, dedicated to integrating renewable energy into farming. Our mission is to increase on-farm renewable energy production while preserving food production, soil health, biodiversity, and reducing water and fertilizer usage! Join us on the journey to a more sustainable and energy-efficient agricultural future!

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Start Sept 1 2023

End Feb 26 2027

Project’s main objective

To reduce the carbon footprint of the agricultural sector, promotion of decentralised renewable energy production and use is seen as a reasonable solution, also encouraging rural development. In the case of farming systems, coupling the place of production and consumption of energy allows synergies between agriculture and renewable energy technologies but usually raises several challenges, such as the high price of technologies especially for small-size farms or the energy crop vs food dilemma. VALUE4FARM aims at demonstrating three renewable-based local value chains based on photovoltaic and biogas and coupling sustainable food and renewable-energy production.


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