Type of Organisation

State Research Institute


The Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) is a member institution of the Helmholtz Association, Germany's largest scientific organization. The guiding principle of the UFZ is to investigate the interrelationships between humans and nature under the influence of global change. The scope of research focuses on the identification of how fundamental natural resources can be used sustainably for the well-being of humans and the environment. The System Analysis of the Bioeconomy (SABE) research group at the UFZ specializes in supporting transitions towards a biobased economy. Research focuses on offering a life cycle perspective for understanding and evaluating Bioeconomy systems.

Role In The Project

UFZ is responsible for leading Task 1.3 - “Regulation Framework Analysis” and WP4 – “Assessment and Optimisation of the Value Chains”. Task 1.3 will inform the development of renewable-based agricultural protocols in WP2 with a framework of policies relevant to regulating and stimulating renewable-based agricultural value chains in selected EU countries. WP4 will evaluate the environmental, techno-economic, and social dimensions of the defined value chains, and provide prescriptive knowledge to stakeholders through policy recommendations and a decision support tool.

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