Current Value4Farm Developments at Denmark’s Aarhus University Site

Denmark platform of the Value4Farm and HyPErFarm EU projects are bustling with activity, all geared towards reducing the agricultural sector’s CO2 footprint and promoting decentralized production powered by renewable energy.

This year, we’ve implemented a four-crop rotation, which now each are at different phenological stages. As we harvested the first cut of grass clover, our wheat fields transitioned into their flowering stages, while the soybeans just started showing their verdant green. The beauty of our flower strips was accentuated by the myriad butterflies and bees fluttering around them.

Our morning commenced with phenology recording and TDR measurements, facilitated by advanced physiological devices brought in by our team from Aarhus. The influx of data excites us, offering deeper insights into the field’s dynamics. Amidst our rigorous work, the arrival of harrowing machines signaled the next phase in tending to the soybean fields.

After a brief lunch break, we eagerly returned, waiting for the optimal sunlight to monitor light-shade effects in different parts of our fields. With teams scattered across our agrivoltaic sites, the day unfolded with a sense of awe and efficiency.

While we were engrossed in our tasks, the distant hum of a drone signaled the arrival of a colleague, ready to capture aerial data using different sensors. Even as we worked, the arrival of the digestate application machine reminded us of the ongoing needs of our grass clovers, ensuring they receive the necessary nutrition for their growth and preparation for the second cut.

Overall, it was a highly productive day filled with meaningful work and exciting developments in our agrivoltaics endeavors through Value4Farm and HyPErFarm.

Maryam Rahimi Jahangirlou