Type of Organisation

State Research Institute


IUNG-PIB is a scientific research unit under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Poland. The Institute's main seat is located in the historic Czartoryski family palace in Puławy. The Institute consists of 11 scientific departments and 11 agricultural research stations located throughout Poland. The main areas of IUNG’s research are: soil science and soil cartography; agro-meteorological research, fertilization and fertilizer management; soil tillage and crop rotation management, crop cultivation, fodder crops, energy crops, bio-economy; organization and economics of crop production; reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; evaluation of the effects of the CAP; regulation of weed infestation of agricultural crops; hops and tobacco breeding and cultivation; selected issues from agricultural microbiology and biochemistry.

Role In The Project

IUNG-PIB is involved in several work packages of the project. We will be conducting work in a number of directions. In this project we will be mainly responsible for replication in the implementation of the developed innovations among willing farmers. In cooperation with farmers and stakeholders, we will organise trainings to increase efficient biogas production in Poland and the EU (T5.2). Secondly, we will monitor the impact of agricultural systems related to biogas production and the obtained fertilisers on the environment, biodiversity and soil quality (T4.1.2). We will help to collect data on and the needs of farmers. We will participate in the identification of barriers as well as opportunities for the development of biogas plants in our country and gather a group of farmers interested in biogas and renewable energy production (T1.1). We will also actively disseminate the project results to a general audience (WP6).

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