Value4Farm at the Biomas & Biogas 2024 Seminar!

The Seminar on the Possibilities of Applying Renewable Energy Sources Biomass & Biogas 2024, held on April 18, 2024, answered questions about the challenges faced by the field of energy and power production, which includes biomass, biogas, and waste, and how to overcome them. 

Innovative projects were presented for producing pellets from forest and agricultural biomass and using sludge to produce miscanthus, which is then used as biomass. The state of biogas application in Europe and its economic aspects are shown, as well as the situation in Croatia with energy utilization of waste. There were also talks about solutions from the IT field for applying biomass and biogas and the possibilities of virtual power plants. In addition, a round table discussion was held at the Seminar on current issues in the application of biomass and biogas and the operation of energy plants that use them. It was also shown how Croatian manufacturers of biomass boilers and stoves can rely on the services of domestic universities when it comes to developing and testing new products and an interesting project for the decarbonization of agriculture in Europe. Finally, it was pointed out the extreme importance of flue gas systems whenever biomass, biogas, or waste is burned.

This seminar was notably an opportunity for the researcher from our partner EIHP (Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar) Marija Ban to give a presentation on the Value4Farm project and its contribution to the decarbonization of agriculture!

Financed by the European Union research and innovation program Horizon Europe, Value4Farm brings together a consortium of research and academic bodies, technical service providers and trade associations from 10 European countries. The consortium partners led by Inagro of Belgium, specializing in applied research, will work at three demonstration sites in Italy, Belgium and Denmark. Technologies ranging from solar to anaerobic digestion (AD) for biogas and biomethane production will be integrated to create sustainability and circularity in agricultural farm operations. Subsequently, replicas will be developed in Iceland, Italy, and Poland to determine the viability of the protocols set up at the demonstration sites and assess the feasibility of widespread use of the applied technologies. Farmers, technical service providers, and advisors will be consulted during the project to support market acceptance of the solutions brought by the Value4Farm project. Farmers will also be provided with tools developed by partners to put Value4Farm’s innovative research into practice. The Value4Farm project is dedicated to improving the decarbonization of agriculture in accordance with the EU Green Plan.

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Photos and text contribution: Jasmina Trstenjak (EIHP).